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The World discovery tool!

How to use it

POIS OF THE WORLD allows to visualize all those amazing Points of Interest (POIs), castles, sanctuaries, archaeological sites, natural sites, caves, waterfalls, abandoned constructions, etc. on the globe as Waypoints (WPT) with their names and geographical coordinates.

To use POIS OF THE WORLD, simply  upload the file with to the Google Earth application of your PC or smart device*.

You can use either Google Earth Pro (recommended), Google Earth Web or the Google Earth App installed in your smarthphone or tablet. All of them are free. Google Earth Pro needs to be previously installed in a PC.

Follow the link to find out more about how to use POIS OF THE WORLD with the different Google Earth options.

**POIS OF THE WORLD recomends to use GOOGLE Earth Pro running on a PC. This option allows the user to get the best visual experience.

And that's it!

Now you can start discovering the World!

Select the places from the list or directly double click in the placemarks of your interest to quickly fly to them and have

endless fun and enriching entertainment while discovering the World!

Just great!

Enjoy the best virtual trips around the world!



The World discovery tool!

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